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CatTouch - MIC Screen

This information is for firmware version 2.05 & greater

The MIC screen allows you to easily set up both microphone equalizers - PRMTRC or P PRMTRC
PRMTRC = Microphone Equalizer (MEQ) ON
P PRMTRC = Microphone Equalizer (MEQ) OFF.

This screen also shows the current TX Bandpass Filter for the selected mode (SSB, AM, FM, CW, RTY, PSK)
Changing the mode on the transceiver automatically updates CatTouch display
Changing mode on CatTouch, updates CatTouch display, but does not change the transceiver mode

You can also see the current state of MEQ - if it is ON, the MEQ indicator has a green background

Using the equalizer is easy. Turn on or off the MIC EQ on the transceiver
Use the stylus to drag and move the frequency to the desired cut or boost point, then release
If you set the frequency above the 0DB line, it will boost the level
If you set it below the 0DB line, it will attenuate the level
Transceiver can set values below -10dB but Yaesu CAT limitation only allows CatTouch to display & not set or load them from file
Each frequency has a specific range that it can be set & some frequencies overlap
The colored bands give a visual indication of the each band of freqeuncies
As you update the chart on CatTouch, the transceiver will also update

You can only change frequency & cut/boost. Changing BWTH (bandwidth or Q) can only be done on the transceiver

If you make a change on the transceiver, CatTouch will show the change providing you are changing what what is being displayed (PRMTRC or P PRMTRC)

Once you have finished making a change, you can Save this to internal EEPROM or an SD CARD inserted into CatTouch
CatTouch can store up to 5 charts. It stores frequency, cut/boost & BWTH in a plain text JSON file named meq1 ~ meq5
This feature allows CatTouch users to email settings, microphone or mode specific customization, Etc
Each file is formatted in this way {"f1":4,"f2":9,"f3":18,"p1":-10,"p2":9,"p3":-9,"q1":2,"q2":9,"q3":1}
To find these numbers, refer to the Yaesu CAT manual and look for the following parameters: PRMTRC EQ1 FREQ, PRMTRC EQ1 LEVEL, PRMTRC EQ1 BWTH, Etc
When a file is loaded, the state of the MIC EQ is checked and the appropriate PRMTRC or P PRMTRC values are set

Loading a file from internal EEPROM or SD CARD will instantly update both CatTouch display and the transceiver
If the loaded file does not seem to have the desired effect to your transmitted audio, make sure MIC EQ is set correctly ON or OFF

When loading or saving, CatTouch first checks if an SD CARD is inserted. If no card inserted internal EEPROM is used
If you remove then reinserted an SD card, only internal EEPROM will be used. Power cycle CatTouch to use SD card again

TX Audio bandwidth is not saved nor is the current MIC EQ ON/OFF state

This screen also has buttons allowing you to change:
MON - TX Monitor
MEQ - TX Microphone Equalizer
PROC - TX Speech processor
LOCK - Keypad Lock
For more information on these transceiver features please consult your user manual

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