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CatTouch - MTR screen

This information is for firmware version 2.08 & greater

Along the top is Frequency, Time (local & Zulu) & Model of transceiver

Under that is VFO/Mem, Mode & Voltage powering CatTouch (keep an eye on PSU/battery)

A bar plots S meter level each second providing 7 minutes inidication of frequency activity

All meters have an indicator showing a related transceiver setting & a bar graph along the bottom forming a pedestal

If a meter movement is too fast, slow or needs calibration, this can be done on the CFG screen

Top left meter is S Meter with green RX indicator that turns red on transmit showing PTT (for MIC) or CAT (for computer)

To the right is the IF Chart showing contour, shift, width, notch & APF (great for FT991/A). Also shows other related settings for these controls

NOTE: TX Meters are erratic in non-carrier voice modes (SSB) due to slow Yaseu CAT system

The SWR Meter has a TNR button - press it to turn tuner on/off

To the right is the CMP Meter that shows speech compression and its indicator is green when PROC is on and shows PROC level

Watt Meter shows transmit power and its indicator is always green showing what the maximum TX power has been set to

ALC Meter shows transmitter ALC action with microphone gain indicator

All meters accurately report Yaesu CAT levels and are close, but they are not perfect. They are as accurate as any device monitoring Yaesu CAT meter levels

On the right side, under volts, is a column of buttons showing current transceiver settings, which you can change, with a simple press
Not all models support all buttons & some modes show irrelevant data (Eg. C4FM on FT991A)
12k - RX Roofing Filter (300, 500, 3k or 12k) Not supported by FT-991, FT-991A or FT-710
ATT - RX attenuator (ATT = Off or 6dB, 12dB, 18dB)
AMP1 - RX front end (IPO, AMP1 or AMP2)
CNT - RX Contour
NBL - RX Noise Blanker
NCH - RX Notch Filter
DNF - RX Dynamic Noise Filter
DNR - RX Dynamic Noise Reduction
MON - TX Monitor
MEQ - TX Microphone Equalizer
PROC - TX SSB speech processor
LOCK - Keypad Lock
For more information on these transceiver features please consult your user manual

Along the bottom are the TABs you touch to change screens

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