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CatTouch - SPK Screen

This information is for firmware version 2.05 & greater

The SPK screen shows an approximation of the speaker equalizer settings (FTdx10 & FT-710 only)

If the transceiver does not support speaker equalizer, a flat line is shown

On all transceivers, screen shows current hi/low cut frequencies (if turned on & supported) & their slopes for selected mode (SSB, AM, FM, CW, RTY, PSK)

Changing the mode on the transceiver automatically updates CatTouch display
Changing mode on CatTouch, updates CatTouch display, but does not change the transceiver mode

Using the equalizer is easy. Select mode (SSB, AM, FM, CW, RTY, PSK)
Use the stylus on a frequency & drag the line to the desired cut or boost point, then release
You can only change cut / boost as the bass, mid & trebble frequencies are fixed
Curve bandwidth (Q) along with bass, mid & trebble frequencies are best guess as Yaesu has not doccument them
Transceiver can set values below -10dB but Yaesu CAT limitation only allows CatTouch to display & not set them
This feature has no effect for transceivers that don't have a speaker equalizer

This screen also has buttons allowing you to change :
MON - TX Monitor
MEQ - TX Microphone Equalizer
PROC - TX Speech processor
LOCK - Keypad Lock
For more information on these transceiver features please consult your user manual.

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