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CatTouch - FAQs

  • CatTouch is a new product under continual development. It is safe to use with all supported transceiver models.
    For the best experience, you should have the technical ability to upload & install new versions of firmware:
    Click here & watch video

  • The default communication rate for CatTouch is 19200bps
    FT-991 & FT-991a Set menu 028 GPS/232C → RS232C & menu 029 232C RATE → 19200bps
    FTdx10, FTdx101D, FTdx101MP [OPERATION SETTINGS] → [GENERAL] → [232C RATE] → [19200bps]
    FTdx1200 Set menu 039 CAT RATE → 19200bps
    FTdx3000 Set menu 037 CAT SELECT → RS232C & menu 038 CAT RATE → 19200bps
    FTdx5000 Set menu 032 CAT BPS → 19200bps
    FT-710 TUNER/LINEAR jack is used for CAT. Set menu [OPERATION SETTING] → [GENERAL] → [TUN/LIN PORT SELECT] → [CAT-3]

  • When doing a Yaesu Transceiver firmware update, you should disconnect CatTouch and any other connected device from your transceiver

  • There is no reset button or procedure on CatTouch. Updating firmware restores all factory defaults & you can do this as many times as you like

  • During development of CatTouch, several Yaesu CAT idiosyncrasies have been observed:
    FTdx10, FTdx101D: Clock does not update if transceiver screen saver is on - no fix
    FTdx101D/FTdx101MP: Many CAT devices caused transceiver to reboot - update transceiver firmware fixed problem
    FT-991A: Clock does not change if clock settings screen open on transceiver - no fix
    FT-991A: In C4FM mode, CAT command responces for width, contour & notch are all incorrect - no fix
    FT-991A: LCUT slope keeps changing in SSB mode - no fix

  • If you find the stylus does not work properly or erratically, reload the firmware
    Common symptoms include screen buttons / tabs not working (not the JPG TAB though, it is always slow to react)
    This will reset everything & force the calibrate screen to be displayed

  • When calibrating touch screen, it is important you touch as close as practical to the arrow point
    Please use the included stylus

  • A firmware update overrides everything & you will need to reapply any Zulu/UTC, 232C rate or voltage offset

  • You do not have to upload every sequential firmware version - you can skip firmware versions at any time

  • To update the firmware, download the latest version from the CatTouch product page
    Click here & watch video

  • CatTouch enclosure is 3D printed using biodegradable PLA which is not suitable for direct sunlight or in hot cars
    The case STL file is at the bottom of the CatTouch product page. You can use this to print an ABS case

  • CatTouch is a closed source product hand made in New Zealand
    It is only sold via my website or my eBay listings

  • CatTouch is Copyright © 2022, 2023 Chris Day, New Zealand - all rights reserved

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    Copyright © 2022, 2023 - C.Day, New Zealand - all rights reserved