Amateur radio inventions handmade in NZ by Chris Day ZL1CVD
CatTouch - INF Screen

Calibrate Touch allows you to recalibrate the touch screen

Flip Screen allows you to flip the screen up the other way so you can sit CatTouch on shelf

Local time offset can be changed in +/- 15 minute increments

Zulu / UTC Time is reported from the transceiver & can only be changed in the transceiver
Refer to your transceiver's user manual on how to change its time & date

The 232C rate (CAT speed) can be changed to 4800, 9600, 19200 & 38400 (19200 is the default)
This speed must match the 232C rate on the transceiver

CatTouch measures the DC voltage powering it. This is handy to monitor power supply or battery pack
The voltmeter can be adjusted in +/- 0.1V increments

If you change anything, press save changes to store the new startup defaults

Firmware updates do not effect the setting you save

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